Afghanistan and Anti-Semitism

Posted by: victorb 8/24/2017 10:05 PM

Afghanistan and Anti-Semitism
Thursday, August 24, 2017

On Monday, President Trump announced his strategy for Afghanistan. Today we'll talk with NPR's Greg Myre and Anthony Cordesman from the Center for Strategic & International Relations about the strategy and whether it will lead to peace in the Middle East. Later, white supremacist hate ran rampant in Charlottesville this month and included a prominent display of Anti-Semitism. We're examining the impacts of that display today at 12:30. We'll also check in with Mal Vincent and find out what's going on this week in Mal's World. Tune in at noon on 89.5 WHRV-FM.

Today's Guests:

Greg Myre - is a national security correspondent for NPR. He focuses on counter-terrorism

Anthony Cordesman - is the Arleigh A. Burke Chair in Strategy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. His expertise includes Afghanistan and defense strategy and capabilities

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