Data Port of Virginia

Posted by: chrisj 9/6/2017 1:16 PM

Data Port of Virginia
Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The term is a dizzying one: transoceanic fiber cable station. But the technological and commercial benefits for our region are much clearer. A series of high speed data cables, run along the ocean floor, are about to connect Virginia Beach with locations all over the world. That connectivity has already drawn the attention of tech-giants like Google and Facebook, but regional leaders are hard at work making sure this tech-windfall benefits local businesses just as much, if not more. Today we'll consider how, say it with me, a new transoceanic fiber cable station, could transform the way our region does business (and streams Game of Thrones).

Today's Guests:

Ben Davenport - Virginia Beach Councilmember, At Large and Chair of the Virginia Beach Broadband Task Force

Roland J. Davis - Chesapeake Councilmember

Marc Hoit - Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer for NC State University

Rusty Waterfield - Old Dominion University’s Chief Information Officer

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