Digital Citizenship

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Digital Citizenship

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


In the 21st century, much of our lives are lived in the digital space, and with that convenience and interconnectivity comes new challenges. Today we'll explore how schools and cities are taking a "whole-community approach” to preparing residents and students to use digital media safely by avoiding dangers such as plagiarism, loss of privacy and cyber bullying. How do you safeguard yourself and make a positive impact within the digital space? We'll also talk with the cast and creative team behind the Little Theater of Norfolk's production of The Farnsworth Invention. Join us at 440-2665.

Today's Guests:
ROBIN MCCORMICK – Is a Communications Strategist for the City of Hampton.
MIKE RIBBLE – Is the founder of and author of Digital Citizenship in Schools and Raising a Digital Child 
DR. RHIANNON GAINOR – Is the Director of Research with the Center for Digital Government.
JOEL NATHAN KING - Plays Gifford and other characters in The Farnsworth Invention
GRANT DANIEL - Plays young Philo and other characters in The Farnsworth Invention
MISSY SULLIVAN - Is the Assistant Director and Board Member of The Little Theatre Norfolk 

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