How Do You Define a Hero? - June 6, 2013

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

How Do You Define a Hero?
The long-awaited "Man of Steel" is due out in theaters next week, June 14th, nationwide.  This new "Superman" film is potentially the summer's biggest box office hit and, with its release, comes more than a conversation about costume changes or comic lore.  It brings out a discussion for HearSay with Cathy Lewis about heroism.  What defines a hero, to you?  Clark Kent said on TV's Smallville," The suit doesn't make the hero. A hero is made in the moment, formed by the choices that he makes and the reasons that he makes them. A hero brings out the best in people."  In the recent headlines of the Oklahoma tornado tragedy and the Boston Marathon bombings, many people who rushed to help were labeled "heroes." We'll explore the question with Dr. Mark White, author of "Superman and Philosophy: What Would the Man of Steel Do?"  Plus, we're joined by "heroes" both real and fictional.  Legendary US Fighter Pilot Lt. Col. Dan Hampton joins us in the hour, and we might even talk to "Superman" himself!




Mark D. White, PhD. - Professor, Chair of the Dept. of Political Science, Economics, and Philosophy at the College of Staten Island/CUNY

Lt. Col. Dan Hampton - Legendary US Fighter Pilot, author of “VIPER PILOT: A Memoir of Air Combat”

Julie Muir - National Advertising Manager at United States Army National Guard.  The National Guard has a new campaign with “Man of Steel” called “Soldier of Steel."

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