Lone Star Tick | Jody

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Lone Star Tick | Jody
Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Across Northern Carolina and the eastern United States, people are giving up red meat - but not for typical health reasons. Those abstaining from beef and other "mammal proteins" are suffering from a rare meat allergy caused by, of all things, a tick. Named for a small white dot on its back, the Lone Star tick thrives in our regions hot and humid climate, and new research shows that thousands might already have contracted the allergy. Today we'll talk with doctors and researchers that are closely studying the Lone Star tick and this new allergy. Later, a look at the etymology of the military-centric term "Jody." The term has become a sort of catch-all for any man that stays home instead of heading off to war - often keeping the soldier's girlfriend company. Join us at 440-2665.

Today's Guests:

Dr. Scott Commins - Associate Professor of Medicine UNC Allergy & Immunology Clinic
Dr. Margaret Donahoe - Allergist-immunologist in Elizabeth City, North Carolina
Carol Naughton - Alpha-gal sufferer for seven years
Matt McKinney - Reporter with the Virginian-Pilot


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