Pet Health: From the Woof Shelf

Posted by: perry 10/27/2011 6:01 PM

Thursday, October 27
Pet Health: From the Woof Shelf
On today’s monthly pet health program, we’ll talk with the authors of three new books. "In a Dog's Heart" author and dog trainer Jennifer Arnold argues against the popular “alpha dog” training philosophy, instead advocating “choice teaching” for a well-trained dog. "Love at First Bark" details real-life stories about how in rescuing dogs in need, their owners end up saving themselves. And finally, "Going Home" provides guidance for those mourning their beloved pets.

Scheduled Guests:
Dr. Phyllis Newmann - veterinarian at Todd’s Lane Vet Clinic, Hampton
Jennifer Arnold - author of "In a Dog's Heart"
Julie Klam - author of "Love at First Bark"
Jon Katz - author of "Going Home"
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