Segment A: Local Impact of New Defense Strategy Segment B:China’s Influence

Posted by: perry 1/11/2012 6:10 PM

Wednesday, January 11

Segment A: Local Impact of New Defense Strategy

A new national defense strategy was outlined last week by the Obama administration. During our first segment, we’ll talk with local military reporters about the strategy’s local impact, which promises a growth for many Navy communities, but could also bring about a homeport change for a Norfolk-based air craft carrier.

Scheduled Guests:

Hugh Lessig, Daily Press military reporter


Bill Bartel, Virginian-Pilot military reporter


Segment B:China’s Influence

China’s economic and military growth is a major factor in the shifting strategy of the US military. In this half of our program, we’ll examine how Chinese military developments, including a number of new navy weapons and ships, are changing the priorities of the US Navy.

Scheduled Guests:

Admiral Joseph W. Prueher, former Ambassador to the People's Republic of China


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