Segment A: The Politics of Hip-Hop/Segment B: Academic Integrity

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Segment A: The Politics of Hip-Hop
Virginia Wesleyan professor Dr. Murrell Brooks began researching his current curriculum over two decades ago, but he might not have realized it at the time.  In 1980's L.A., Murrell was a founding member of hip-hop group Double Trouble. He's taken those experiences and applied them to his "Politics of Hip-Hop" course.  He joins Cathy Lewis to share how he's using the genre's trajectory as the road map for teaching the societal circumstances that have shaped the art form since the 60s.

Scheduled Guest:

Dr. Murrell Brooks - Assistant Professor of Political Science, Virginia Wesleyan College

Segment B: Academic Integrity
Earlier this month, The University of Virginia's student body approved sweeping changes to the institution's honor system, one of the oldest in America.  HearSay host Cathy Lewis discusses the nature of the pending changes with the chair of UVA's Honor Committee and considers the greater implication for academia those changes pose with Old Dominion University's Director of Student Conduct.

Scheduled Guests:

Mike Debowes
- Director of Student Conduct, Old Dominion University

Stephen Nash
- Chair, University of Virginia Honor Committee

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