Stop In The Name Of Love | Waterside District

Posted by: victorb 2/14/2017 10:03 PM

Stop In The Name Of Love | Waterside District

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Today we're stopping our "After the Vote" series (temporarily) in the name of love. This Valentine's Day we'll discuss the brand new dating app "Hater" and learn how mutual dislikes can bring people together. We'll also examine the neighborhood debate over the "Hague Love Locks," inspired by the bridge in Paris. And later, we'll talk with the President of Waterside District Glenn Sutch about his vision for the new development. How are you celebrating Valentine's Day? Let us know at 440-2665!

Today's Guests:
ERIKA DAVIES – is a graduate student studying economics at George Mason University and is a research fellow at the Mercatus Center
BRENDAN ALPER – is the founder of the dating app Hater which brings people together based on mutual dislikes
GEORGE KELLO – is an artist in Ghent who has used his art to make a statement against the Hague Love Locks 
GLENN SUTCH – Is the President of the Waterside District

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