The Stakes Are High - Gambling Addiction

Posted by: danny 8/19/2010 5:28 PM

Thursday, August 19
Earlier in the week we talked about taking risks.  Today, we'll peer inside the betting brain to see how researchers are understanding risk-taking and decision-making when it comes to gambling.  Gambling addiction, or compulsive gambling, is a type of impulse-control disorder.  Even when gambling addicts know the odds are against them they can’t “stay off the bet.”  Elizabeth George, with the North American Training Institute and the American Academy of Health Care Providers in the Addictive Disorders joins us.  We'll also talk with Mary Sojourner, author of "She Bets Her Life."  Studies show nearly half of the 6-8 million gambling addicts in America are women.  Sojourner recounts her story of how she overcame her addiction after more than a decade.

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