Tuesday, March 30

Posted by: tayla 3/30/2010 2:28 AM

Segment A: Bargains
For many, the economic downturn has meant cutting back on luxuries, but there are ways to save and indulge simultaneously. Today we talk with two experts on the matter, Jeff Yeager, who has been dubbed 'The Ultimate Cheapskate' and actress Annie Korzen who recently authored the book 'Bargain Junkie'. You'll want to tune in to hear their money saving tips!


Segment B: Keeping up with 'The Joneses'
Most every neighborhood houses a family that appears to be perfect and always has the latest and greatest consumer goods. Local Derrick Borte, raised in Norfolk and a current resident of Virginia Beach, has written and directed a soon-to-premiere feature film, The Joneses, that pulls back the curtain on one of these seemingly enviable families and reveals a startling twist - they're really stealth marketers. We'll talk with Borte about the film and his experience ushering it from page to screen.


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