HearSay Programming January 16 - January 19

Women's March on Washington: The Aftermath

Monday, January 23, 2017

The movement of women across the globe over the weekend is considered one of the greatest peaceful protests in history. Today we'll talk with some of last Thursday's guests and host Cathy Lewis about their experiences at the Women's March on Washington and sister marches in Norfolk. Do you think the marches effectively conveyed the feelings of women? Join us at 440-2665 or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter (@cathylewistalks).

After the Vote: The First 100 Days

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Today, we're bringing you the next installment of our "After the Vote" series. President Trump has been in office five days and already established an executive order instructing federal agencies to grant relief to constituencies affected by the Affordable Care Act. We're examining this move and considering what else lies ahead in Trump's first 100 days.

Digital Citizenship

Wednesday, January 24, 2017

In the 21st century, much of our lives are lived in the digital space, and with that convenience and interconnectivity comes new challenges. Today we'll explore how schools and cities are taking a "whole-community approach” to preparing residents and students to use digital media safely by avoiding dangers such as plagiarism, loss of privacy and cyber bullying. How do you safeguard yourself and make a positive impact within the digital space? Join us at 440-2665.

HearSay On the Road: Virginia Flower and Garden Expo

Thursday, January 25, 2017

We're taking the show on the road! Tune in as Cathy Lewis and Jim Orband take a look behind the scenes of one of the East Coast's biggest garden shows, The Virginia Flower & Garden Expo.