HearSay Programming September 1-4, 2014

Monday, September 1, 2014

Special Holiday Programming

American RadioWorks: The Science of Smart

Researchers have long been searching for better ways to learn. In recent decades, experts working in cognitive science, psychology, and neuroscience have opened new windows into how the brain works, and how we can learn to learn better. In this program, we look at some of the big ideas coming out of brain science. We meet the researchers who are unlocking the secrets of how the brain acquires and holds on to knowledge. And we introduce listeners to the teachers and students who are trying to apply that knowledge in the real world.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Religion, Ethics, and Dying

Medical technology can complicate the dying process, especially when combined with challenging religious beliefs and ethics concerns.  We're joined today by two Catholic and Jewish scholars as we discuss controversies and perspectives around withdrawing life sustaining treatment, palliative care measures, assisted suicide, and the criteria of death for transplantation of organs and tissues.

Scheduled Guests:

Dr. Gerard Magill -
Vernon F. Gallagher Chair for the Integration of Science, Theology, Philosophy, and Law for the Center for Healthcare Ethics at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Dr. Jonathan Crane - Raymond F. Schinazi Junior Scholar of Bioethics and Jewish Thought at Emory University’s Center for Ethics in Atlanta, Georgia.

Alex Garvey - Vice President of Mission and Ethics for Bon Secours Maryview Medical Center

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

HearSay from the Headlines 9/3

Join us for today's edition of HearSay from the Headlines, where we tackle the latest news headlines that have you talking. This week members of the local community share their experiences with racial profiling. Our lines are open, and we invite you to let us know your thoughts by joining us live at 440-2665 or 1-800-940-2240. You can also e-mail the program at hearsay@whrv.org or join us on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/hearsaywithcathylewis.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Veterans' Docket

The Supreme Court of Virginia sought out the Hampton-Newport News Community Services Board with a $200,000 one-year grant to start a veterans’ specific docket in its decade-old civilian drug court.  The enhanced services offered by the veterans' track will include family therapy, re-entry assistance, PTSD care, psychiatric assessment and medication monitoring. The program's organizers join us live in studio to discuss the pilot program and its benefits for veterans in crisis.

Scheduled Guests:

Anton Bell -
Commonwealth's Attorney, City of Hampton

Natale Ward -
Deputy Director, Hampton-Newport News Community Services Board

Ben Atanacio -
Veteran's Coordinator, Hampton-Newport News Community Services Board

Sherry Glasgow - Administrator, Hampton Drug Court

*Please note, topics and guests are subject to change.