HearSay Programming June 11-14


Suicide in America

Monday, June 11, 2018

Along with the deaths of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade have come alarming statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Suicide rates in the US have climbed 30 percent since 1999. We will discuss this crisis with the Chair of Old Dominion University's Psychology Department, Dr. Michelle Kelley, as well as Dr. Matt Judah, an assistant professor at the university. After that we will talk to Dr April Lightsey at Watermark Psychological Services, a psychologist who specializes in treating anxiety, depression, and people trying to cope with suicidal thoughts. We will cover the meaning behind the statistics, treatment options, and veteran's issues. It will be a comprehensive look at this tragic problem. Join us by calling 440-2665 or 1-800-940-2240.

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"Bound to the Fire" | Working Moms Unite!
Tuesday, June 12, 2018

First we will talk with Kelley Fanto Deetz, author of Bound to the Fire: How Virginia's Enslaved Cooks Helped Invent American Cuisine. With extensive research at Williamsburg, she has uncovered a story about injustice and survival that affects our culture today. Then we will talk about maternity issues in the workplace with Virginia Beach City Councilwoman Jessica Abbott, who made news when she brought her newborn to work for council meetings. Joining us after will be Jessica Shortall, author of Work. Pump. Repeat.: The New Mom's Survival Guide to Breastfeeding and Going Back to Work. Tune in at noon on 89.5 WHRV-FM.


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Virginia Primary Results and Analysis

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

In the aftermath of the primaries and the start of the general election season for the 2018 midterms, you're going to want some answers. We will discuss winners, losers, and predictions with Dr. Quentin Kidd, Director of the Wason Center for Public Policy at Christopher Newport University. We will also be hearing from Rep. Rob Wittman of Virginia's 1st District, Sen. Tim Kaine, and the winners of last night's race about what they hope to accomplish in November... and after.

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A Life on the Water

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Have you ever thought about working in the maritime industry? We will talk about the different career paths people can take with Captain Ed Nanartowich, President of the Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy in Norfolk and Ray Blanchet, Vice President of Operations. We'll also discuss the skills and life lessons you can pick up at the Tidewater Wooden Boat Workshop with Col. Tom Brandl, their Executive Director and boatbuilding instructor. 

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