HearSay Programming January 25-27


COVID-19 Vaccines And Company Policy

Monday, January 25, 2021

National grocery store chains, like Aldi, Trader Joe’s and Dollar General, are offering employees money to get vaccinated against COVID-19. We’ll talk to a legal expert about COVID-19 vaccines and employer liability. What has your employer communicated to you about the vaccine? Will you be required to get it before returning to the office? Then, we’ll talk to an ODU professor whose composition was performed at President Biden’s inauguration.

Today's Guests:
Kristina Vaquera – Program Director, Hampton Roads SHRM
Dawna Ellis – CFO/COO, Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Agency
Dr. Adolphus Hailstork – Music Professor Emeritus, Old Dominion University


Extremism And Dialogue

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

How do extremist groups split families and friends apart, and what do you do when it affects someone you love? We will talk about the social aspects of extremism, the need for dialogue and the possibility of healing.

Today's Guests:
Travis Andrews - The Washington Post
Ellie Irwin - Local Resident


Pet Health

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

HearSay's favorite veterinarian, Dr. Phyllis Neumann, joins us to tackle your pet health questions.

Today's Guests:
Dr. Phyllis Neumann - VCA Todds Lane Animal Hospital