HearSay Programming July 25 - 28

Monday, July 25, 2016
Plagiarism - it’s a term you might not have heard since school, but loomed above your head with every essay turned in. Last week, the term came again into our collective consciousness when potential first lady Melinda Trump was accused of copying a MIchelle Obama speech. Today we’re talking with Old Dominion University professors who promise failing grades for such an atrocity. We’ll have a discussion digging into what’s so wrong about plagiarism, ways to avoid it, and how much easier it is to do - even by accident - in the digital age.

Virginia Ghosts
July 26, 2016
After 30 years, the gang of paranormal combattants is getting a reboot with a whole new perspective. The remake features an all-female cast, made up of five of the most successful and arguably funniest woman currently in television or film. This casting and the remake in general, however, have stirred up controversy from both sides of the web. We’ll be chatting with a Jefferson Lab physicist that was consulted for the film, and take a tour in our own ghoulish back yard with the Creative Director of the Official Colonial Williamsburg Ghost Tour..

Tough Decisions: Special Needs Children
July 27, 2016

Taking care of a child with severe mental and Physical challenges often starts with The decision to place them in A residential care facility, or keep them at home. Today we'll talk to parents making Both situations work and highlight the resources Available to help families care and cope.

20 Years of NARO Video
July 28, 2016
For two decades, Ghent's NARO Video has been enriching and entertaining the Hampton Roads community with its one-of-a-kind collection of popular, and hard to find films. And though across America, the independent video store has become a thing of the past, Today we'll discuss how NARO Video has taken steps to preserve and improve access to its collection of 40,000 films, and ensure its future for decades to come.