A Conversation with the Countess of Highclere/Rightful Owner

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Segment A: A Conversation with the Countess of Highclere: Lady Fiona Carnarvon 

WHRO and Colonial Williamsburg welcome Lady Fiona Carnarvon, the eighth and current countess of Highclere Castle, the real-life home to "Downton Abbey."  Lady Carnarvon will join HearSay host, Cathy Lewis, for a conversation about the acclaimed PBS program, "Downton Abbey," and take us behind the walls of the spectacular Highclere Castle.  We'll also find out how the plot of the fictitious Grantham family actually reflects many of the real-life challenges the Carnarvon family faced over the years. Join us for this very special program and regionally exclusive interview surrounding television's most beloved series as Lady Carnarvon visits the United States.  Lady Carnarvon will be enjoying tea and conversation at a sold-out event later this evening at the Williamsburg Lodge. 

Scheduled Guest:

Lady Fiona Carnarvon - Countess of Highclere Castle and author, “Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey” and “Lady Catherine and the Real Downton Abbey”


Segment B: Rightful Owner
In the second-half of today's program, we continue the theme of "real-life" stories behind the things we enjoy.  They say "every picture has a story," but that saying can also be associated with any objects we possess.  What happens when these objects end up in someone else's hands?  Will they ever know the "real story?"  Perhaps you picked something up at a thrift store or found it hidden in a coat pocket from a yard sale, or even in the glove box of a used car.  Have you ever found out the "real story" behind something you now own?  Our guests will share stories about their discoveries, and we hope you will, too, as we explore who the "rightful owners" are to the objects we uncover.  Join us!

Scheduled Guests:

Keith Flippen - shares the story of how he found a book with family writings in an auctioned car and traced it to the family from which it came

Matt Carlson - shares the story of how he bought a Purple Heart at a flea market and traced it to the family of the fallen veteran to "bring him home"

Isaac Acosta, Jr. - shares his discoveries from a rather unusual hobby, collecting frames with “forgotten families” from thrift stores.



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