Millenial Workaholics and Michele Norris

Posted by: victorb 2/1/2017 10:05 PM

Millenial Workaholics and Michele Norris

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


We'll lead today with a look at President Trump's nomination for Supreme Court Justice. Later: Lazy, entitled, over-sensitive -- These are just some of the words associated with millennials, especially in the workplace.  What if we told you that millennials are workaholics and we have the research to back it up? Join us as we discuss millennial work ethic and consider that it might not be so different from generation to generation after all. We'll also talk with NPR's Michele Norris about her work on "The Race Card Project" and life after NPR.

Today's Guests:
ALLISON LARSEN – Is a Professor of Law at the William and Mary Law School.
MICHELE NORRIS – Is the creator of “The Race Card Project,” and former co-host of NPR newsmagazine "All Things Considered," public radio's longest-running national program. She’s speaking tomorrow evening at Old Dominion University as part of the University’s President’s Lecture Series.


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