Segment A: Regional Day 2012 and Economic Gardening/Segment B: The Battle of Williamsburg

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012
Segment A: Regional Day 2012 and Economic Gardening
Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit across our region is one of the key goals of the Hampton Roads Partnership. Its "Economic Gardening Network" strives to stimulate new business formation and further innovation across the region.  These initiatives will be the highlight of this year’s Regional Day conference.  In our first-half of the program, HearSay host Cathy Lewis will talk with guests about how connecting entrepreneurs with new funding sources is changing the economic landscape of Hampton Roads.

Scheduled Guests:

E. Dana Dickens, III - President and CEO, Hampton Roads Partnership

Secretary Jim Cheng – Virginia Secretary of Commerce & Trade

Segment B: The Battle of Williamsburg
The echo of musket fire and the scent of gunpowder will be heavy in the air this weekend in Colonial Williamsburg.  The historic area will be transformed into a war-ravaged battleground to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Williamsburg, a hard fought Civil War engagement.  We'll talk about the significance of this battle with historian and author Carson Hudson.

Scheduled Guest:

Carson Hudson – Historian, author of “Civil War Williamsburg”


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