Segment A: Sleeping Disorders: What's "Zzzz" problem? - Encore/Segment B: Where In the World Was Virginia?

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, November 8, 2012

Segment A: Sleeping Disorders:  What's "Zzzz" problem? - Encore
If you wake up in the morning exhausted and feel drowsy and irritable throughout the day, you may have a sleeping disorder.  On today's encore edition of HearSay with Cathy Lewis, we'll explore the mysterious nature of sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, and talk with local experts about the latest treatments to the age-old problem of troubled sleep. 

Scheduled Guests:
Dr. I.A. Barot
- Neurology Consultants and Sleep Disorders Center

Dr. Tracey Oliver, DDS - Princess Anne Center for Dental Arts

Dr. Joseph Ojile - founder and CEO of Clayton Sleep Institute

Segment B: Where In the World Was Virginia?

“Virginia” -- the term is the oldest English language place-name in the United States. While the name has remained since first applied in 1584, Virginia’s identity and boundaries have evolved dramatically. Various maps have located Virginia anywhere from the sandy beaches of Bermuda to the tree-lined coasts of New England. Local historian William Wooldridge joins Cathy Lewis to discuss what three centuries of maps say about our commonwealth's identity.

Scheduled Guest:

William C. Wooldridge
- Historian, Former President of the Norfolk Historical Society.

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