Wednesday, August 19

Posted by: danny 8/19/2009 6:00 AM

Forensics Science & Law

Today Virginia's General Assembly is meeting for a special session convened by Governor Tim Kaine to discuss a recent Supreme Court ruling that determined that the Constitution requires prosecutors to make forensic examiners available for defense cross-examination regarding lab reports on drugs, ballistics and other trial evidence. Prosecutors and forensic scientists are concerned about the increased workload that this ruling is anticipated to create will cripple judicial process. Today we talk about what's at stake with forensic and legal experts. Lee Martin, a retired Forensic Crime Scene Investigator with 30 years of service with the Norfolk Police Department, joins us, along with a deputy attorney from the Norfolk Commonwealth Attorney's Office.  Also joining us, Julius Earl Ruffin.  In 2003, after more than two decades after being sent to prison, DNA testing exonerated Ruffin who had been convicted of rape and sentenced to life.

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